Agriculture Law Advisory ServiceHelping other Scottish law firms with specialist advice on agricultural matters outside their normal field

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Agricultural Law Advisory Service

What do you do when your client brings you a matter which is outside your usual area of practice?

Your client trusts you and  wants you to act but doesn’t recognise how difficult it is to cover all areas of law or the professional indemnity risks involved. You don’t want to let them down or lose the business.
Should you take it on?
What are the risks?    
Should you suggest that your client looks elsewhere for advice?   
If so, where? And will they come back?
We can help.
Pagan Osborne offers assistance to Scottish law firms requiring access to specialist advice through our Agricultural Law Advisory Service.
The agricultural and estates team at Pagan Osborne is headed up by Colin Clark, an accredited specialist in agricultural law, and is based in our offices in Edinburgh and Cupar.

  • How does the service work?

    We will discuss with you at the outset how we could assist in any particular case.
    There are various possibilities such as: 

    • Providing a second opinion
    • Taking on the whole matter
    • Providing advice on specific aspects while you continue to deal with the majority of the matter
    • Advising “out of sight” while you continue to front the matter

    It is for you to decide the level of our involvement in each case.  We will agree feeing arrangements with you and how we will communicate with your client (if at all).

  • Our undertakings...

    We will not undertake work for your clients which you would normally carry out for them or which is within your normal areas of practice.
    We will not “poach” your clients. This service works because we build relationships with you and other firms who like to have our back up.  We respect your relationships with your clients and will not disturb those.


  • What are the advantages to me and my client?

    • You have immediate access to specialist advice and assistance
    • You and your client are in control and set the rules
    • You retain the principal contact with your clients, avoiding them seeking advice elsewhere
    • Your clients are impressed that you have identified the need for and have access to specialist advice
    • You introduce your clients to a firm that places real value on the client experience
    • You reduce your exposure to professional indemnity claims


  • Who should I contact?

    For more details about this scheme or to discuss a particular case please contact Colin Clark 01334 653777 on

Meet the legal team

  • Alan Innes
    Alan Innes
    Partner and Head of Private Client Edinburgh and Commercial and Business Services
  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris
    Specialist Executry Paralegal
  • Sue Campbell
    Sue Campbell
    Specialist Executry Paralegal
  • Alma Alexander
    Alma Alexander
    Legal Secretary
  • Ian Fraser
    Ian Fraser
    Partner – Commercial and Business Services
  • Keith McLaren
    Keith McLaren
    Solicitor – Client Advisor: Private Client
  • Lianne Lodge
    Lianne Lodge
    Associate – Private Client and Head of Lateryears Service
  • Neil Paterson
    Neil Paterson
    Partner – Private Client
  • Ronnie Sembay
    Ronnie Sembay
    Partner – Commercial and Business Services
  • Stuart Lisgo
    Stuart Lisgo
    Associate– Private Client Team
  • Tracey Steen
    Tracey Steen
    Specialist Executry Paralegal
  • Sarah McPherson
    Sarah McPherson
    Client Care Executive
  • Kirsty Buchan
    Kirsty Buchan
    : Email
  • Fife
  • Cathy  Munro
    Cathy Munro
    Specialist Paralegal – Executries
  • Audrey  Dishington
    Audrey Dishington
    Client Development Director & Partner
  • Douglas Turner
    Douglas Turner
  • Colin  Clark
    Colin Clark
    Partner – Head of Agriculture & Estates
  • Elizabeth  Calderwood
    Elizabeth Calderwood
    Director and Partner – Private Client
  • Fiona McDonald
    Fiona McDonald
    Partner – Private Client
  • Fiona Shields
    Fiona Shields
    Head of Private Client, Fife & Executries
  • Gillian Gibbons
    Gillian Gibbons
    Agriculture & Estates
  • Hilda Brown
    Hilda Brown
    Specialist Paralegal – Executries
  • Linda Leighton
    Linda Leighton
    Trusts and Charities Accountant – Private Client
  • Michelle Wilson
    Michelle Wilson
    Legal Executive – Executries Team
  • Sandy Grant
    Sandy Grant
    Partner, Head of Conveyancing
  • Sarah Thurston
    Sarah Thurston
    • Colin Clark - Specialist Lawyer of the Year
      Gillian Gibbons - Rising Star


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