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Commercial & Business Services

Supporting small businesses in Edinburgh and Fife with expert legal advice on all aspects of leasing, buying or selling commercial property.

Although we can offer our small business clients a full range of legal support services with direct access to the specialist expertise of colleagues in other departments across the firm, we find that the majority of the work carried out by our Commercial & Business Services team on a day-to-day basis revolves around commercial property issues.

Offering the benefit of continuity of contact with your own dedicated advisor from the team, you can always count on the most appropriate advice on any commercial property matter based on a thorough understanding of your individual operational needs, including:

  • Advice for landlords and tenants on all matters relating to commercial leasing arrangements including rent reviews, assignations, subletting and dilapidations
  • The purchase and sale of all types of commercial property including development land
  • Advice on all aspects of commercial, residential, retail or industrial development
  • Helping clients sell or buy businesses and premises – typically including shop units, pubs, restaurants, pharmacies and so on
  • Helping landlords maximise their returns from the easing of commercial property
  • Advice on land development opportunities and diversification projects including wind farms, telecoms and option agreements

So whether you are currently the tenant of commercial premises or thinking about starting your own business, a landlord, looking to buy a commercial property as a long term investment, have development land to sell or wish to sell your business, discover why it pays to trust the commercial property specialists at Pagan Osborne by contacting our Commercial & Business Services team today.

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  • FAQs
  • Q1 What type of commercial properties do you deal with?
  • A1

    At Pagan Osborne our commercial business team deals with the whole spectrum that a private client or family business may require including hotels, shops, restaurants, public houses, industrial units, plot sales and purchases. We also deal with many transactions relating to land such as Option Agreements, rights of access, windfarm agreements, telecom mast agreements etc.

  • Q2 I am a sole trader or small business looking to start up a company. Can you help?
  • A2

    Yes, we can assist with initial company startups for small or family businesses or sole traders. For complicated corporate matters we also have a strong strategic alliance with a leading corporate firm.

  • Q3 I have spent 30 years building up my successful family business; how do I pass it on?
  • A3

    Succession is often a thorny and complex issue. By speaking to us and explaining your business and aspirations we can provide you with suitable options to allow a seamless succession to the younger generation to take over the running of the business.

  • Q4 Why invest in property?
  • A4

    Rental income from property can provide you with an alternative source of income to supplement your earnings or pension.

    History confirms that over the last century value of property has generally, over the longer period always increased, therefore investment in the medium to long term in property has always been a sensible option.

    Clearly property values may dip short term or in a time of recession but this can also provide an ideal opportunity for purchasing property at the bottom of the property curve.

  • Q5 Should I invest in commercial or residential property?
  • A5

    This would depend on your personal preferences and background circumstances. Provided that the property is purchased at the correct price both would make a sound investment opportunity. We work closely with our clients to explain the advantages and disadvantages of both types of property investments.

  • Q6 Can I invest in property via my pension?
  • A6

    Under current regulations one can set up a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) that is able to invest in commercial property. Our commercial business team at Pagan Osborne have experience in dealing with such SIPP investments. With our strategic partnerships including accountants and financial advisers we are in an ideal position to act on your behalf in a SIPP investment purchase.

  • Q7 Why should I use the services of Pagan Osborne?
  • A7

    The commercial business team at Pagan Osborne endeavour to make property investment as simple as possible for our clients. Our strategic partnerships with a variety of accountants, land agents, lenders, surveyors and letting agents allow us to present a seamless service to you the client.

  • Q8 What is a commercial lease?
  • A8

    A commercial lease is a legally binding contract made between a landlord and a business Tenant. The lease gives a Tenant the right to use certain property for a business or commercial activity for a period of time in exchange for money (rent) paid to the landlord. In addition, the lease sets out the rights and obligations of both the landlord and Tenant during the lease term.

  • Q9 What makes a commercial property lease different from a residential property lease?
  • A9

    A commercial lease is used by a Tenant to rent space for a business while a residential lease is used by a Tenant to rent a home or space to personally reside in. Commercial leases are typically viewed as contracts between knowledgeable business people who are presumed to know what they are doing. As a result, less statutory protection is available for Tenants of commercial property than Tenants of residential property. The parties of a commercial lease usually have greater bargaining power and more negotiating ability than the parties of a residential lease.

Meet the legal team

  • Alan Innes
    Alan Innes
    Partner and Head of Private Client Edinburgh and Commercial and Business Services
  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris
    Specialist Executry Paralegal
  • Sue Campbell
    Sue Campbell
    Specialist Executry Paralegal
  • Alma Alexander
    Alma Alexander
    Legal Secretary
  • Ian Fraser
    Ian Fraser
    Partner – Commercial and Business Services
  • Keith McLaren
    Keith McLaren
    Solicitor – Client Advisor: Private Client
  • Lianne Lodge
    Lianne Lodge
    Associate – Private Client and Head of Lateryears Service
  • Neil Paterson
    Neil Paterson
    Partner – Private Client
  • Ronnie Sembay
    Ronnie Sembay
    Partner – Commercial and Business Services
  • Stuart Lisgo
    Stuart Lisgo
    Associate– Private Client Team
  • Tracey Steen
    Tracey Steen
    Specialist Executry Paralegal
  • Sarah McPherson
    Sarah McPherson
    Client Care Executive
  • Kirsty Buchan
    Kirsty Buchan
    : Email
  • Fife
  • Cathy  Munro
    Cathy Munro
    Specialist Paralegal – Executries
  • Audrey  Dishington
    Audrey Dishington
    Client Development Director & Partner
  • Douglas Turner
    Douglas Turner
  • Colin  Clark
    Colin Clark
    Partner – Head of Agriculture & Estates
  • Elizabeth  Calderwood
    Elizabeth Calderwood
    Director and Partner – Private Client
  • Fiona McDonald
    Fiona McDonald
    Partner – Private Client
  • Fiona Shields
    Fiona Shields
    Head of Private Client, Fife & Executries
  • Gillian Gibbons
    Gillian Gibbons
    Agriculture & Estates
  • Hilda Brown
    Hilda Brown
    Specialist Paralegal – Executries
  • Linda Leighton
    Linda Leighton
    Trusts and Charities Accountant – Private Client
  • Michelle Wilson
    Michelle Wilson
    Legal Executive – Executries Team
  • Sandy Grant
    Sandy Grant
    Partner, Head of Conveyancing
  • Sarah Thurston
    Sarah Thurston

    • I very much appreciated your wise counsel & timely responses throughout, thank you.
      Michael, Edinburgh


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