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The key to making sure your property sale or purchase runs as smoothly as possible.

The role of a conveyancing solicitor is to take care of all the essential legal paperwork needed to conclude the sale or purchase of any kind of property.  But making sure all the right documents are in the right place at the right time is only part of the story.  Or, at least, it should be.

We believe it’s our highly personalised approach that makes all the difference to the conveyancing service we provide at Pagan Osborne.  That’s why we work harder to understand the unique requirements and expectations of each and every one of our clients as a guide to how we can best represent their interests – with or without direct instruction – at every stage of sometimes difficult contract negotiations.

For example, it may not be possible to contact the seller or buyer for a key decision at a critical point in the transaction.  There may be misunderstandings on both sides as to what should or should not be included in the sale.  Constantly changing building regulations could turn a hitherto minor problem into a major headache that could jeopardise the whole transaction to the bitter disappointment of both sides.  

It is therefore our responsibility as conveyancing solicitors to work through any such issues with the single aim of getting the best possible result for our clients.  And all the time, the clock keeps ticking away towards that critical entry date deadline…

So whether you’re selling or buying, remember how important it is to get the right conveyancing solicitor on your side.  And when it comes to experience, enthusiasm and commitment, there can be no better choice than the conveyancing team at Pagan Osborne.

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  • FAQs
  • Q1 What does noting interest mean?
  • A1

    Once you have identified a property, we will contact the selling agents to formally log your interest in the property. If you do not note interest through a Solicitor, you may not be told of a closing date.

  • Q2 What effect does noting interest have?
  • A2

    It means the selling agents should revert to us if anyone else wants to offer for the property or when a closing date has been set.

  • Q3 What is a closing date?
  • A3

    If more than one party has noted interest, then the selling agent will set a time and date when all interested parties should submit their offer for the property you are interested in.

  • Q4 How do I frame the offer?
  • A4

    The offer sets out the price you want to pay and the date on which you will pay the price, the "date of entry", as well as other relevant conditions such as subject to survey etc. We will advise on the price based on our knowledge of the market, the Home Report if there is one etc.

  • Q5 What are the missives?
  • A5

    The offer and the acceptance form the missives.

  • Q6 When is the contract binding?
  • A6

    The contract is binding when a written acceptance is issued stating "we are holding the bargain as concluded". Until then, either party can change their minds. A verbal agreement has no legal effect.

  • Q7 When do I sign?
  • A7

    We sign the offer/acceptances on your behalf as your agents. You sign loan papers if you are purchasing or the title deed in favour of the buyer if you are a seller.

  • Q8 How long does it take?
  • A8

    The date of entry on which the price is paid is usually 6 weeks from the date of the offer to allow for the completion of the legal formalities. It is influenced by various factors, including preferences of the parties and availability of funds. We can advise on the date that is most appropriate for your requirements.





  • A big thank you for guiding us through the process of buying a home, keeping us well informed, working hard for us while being a super nice and personable advisor! We will always come back to pagan Osborne for future legal services!
    C Rosebury
    March 2017


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