Making a Will 70% of adults in Scotland die without leaving a Will. What could that mean for loved ones left behind?

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Making a Will

Why making a legal Will should be left to a specialist Will writing solicitor at Pagan Osborne.

As Will writing solicitors, we understand all too well what it could mean for those left behind if you were to die without an up to date Will in place … but do you?

The absence of a Will means your affairs will take much longer to settle – sometimes involving costly court proceedings – bringing even more worry and anxiety into the lives of your family at an already difficult time. 

Without this simple and inexpensive legal document to rely on for guidance, a large proportion of your assets could be swallowed up by Inheritance Tax and the remainder may not go to those you would most wish to benefit.  A spouse or partner may not inherit what you want them to.  And if you have sole responsibility for your children, who would look after them if you were no longer there?

All this can be easily avoided by speaking to one of our specialist solicitors about making a Will or, just as importantly, updating an existing document to reflect any changes in your life between then and now.

A legally drafted Will is the best way to protect your personal and business assets against avoidable tax liabilities, as well as providing the comfort of knowing that your wishes will be carried out after you’ve gone.

It’s never too early to contact Pagan Osborne about making a Will.  Do it today as you never know what might happen tomorrow.

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    • Did you know 70% of adults in Scotland die each year without making a Will?
      Legal FAQ No 1
    • Thank you for making the process of making a will and arranging power of attorney so simple and straightforward. Excellent service.
      Douglas Pattullo


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