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A home that gives you a hygge*

*(What’s hygge?)Karen Turner Property Director Pagan Osborne

Karen Turner Property Director Pagan Osborne

Recently the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) released a list of tips for sellers showing their property during the winter months.

Buyers are sometimes alarmed when the number of viewings slows down a little on the run up to Christmas, but it’s worth remembering that if a prospective buyer has battled through the icy air and dark evenings to get to you – they are probably already very interested!

The NAEA list provides some great, practical advice to help sellers impress those intrepid viewers who brave the cold – but we think you can go further!

This year’s biggest home trend is hygge – the Danish art of cosiness. So when the rain is lashing down, think about treating your prospective buyers to a festive dash of homely comfort.

A warm welcome

Remember that your viewers are coming in from the cold, so get the heating on well ahead of their arrival.

If you have a fire now’s the time to show it off to leave them with warm memories of your property – literally! Features such as a real fire or log burner are a real selling point, so seeing them in action is a great boost for your property.

A cosy glow

Casting lovely shadows and offering a range of wonderful scents, candles are a must have in the hygge home.

Lighting a festive-scented candle in a couple of rooms can create an inviting atmosphere, as well as covering any less pleasant smells! Just make sure you don’t leave anything burning unattended.

Illuminate the subject

As the days get shorter, lighting becomes even more important, especially if your property viewing is booked for an evening slot. You are aiming to create an inviting feeling around the home so make sure lighting is flattering, but sufficient for the viewer to clearly see everything they need to. Hygge is synonymous with soft light, but you don’t want anyone bumping into things up as they move around.

Don’t forget about outdoor lighting - you may want to invest in some additional exterior lights to clearly illuminate any pathways or to highlight the garden. Take the time to look around the property to check whether any bulbs need changing before anyone steps through the door.

Feeling festive?

While convention says not to add too much of a personal touch to your property, as long as your property photographs have been taken it’s fine to add some festive adornment! Decorations can help to give your property a more inviting and cheerful atmosphere, which may even attract viewers to spend more time in your home. Don’t go over the top (huge outdoor displays aren’t up everyone’s street!) but a tasteful touch of holiday cheer will give every visitor a jolly feeling and can leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

All friends here

One of the warmest aspects of hygge is that it creates a welcoming environment, so remember that it’s not just your house that should be hospitable – you should be as well! It’s easy to get a bit frazzled on the countdown to December 25th, so before your viewers arrive remember to take a moment to relax – approaching the viewing with a positive outlook and a smile can turn a routine task into an more enjoyable experience for both of you!

Finally…an oldie but a goodie

Can anyone resist the smell of baking at any time of year? Stick a few shop bought mince pies in the oven to warm, and let the Christmassy, hygge-y aromas fill your inviting kitchen.

Of course, the fundamentals have to be in place first for your home to really stand out. Make sure you follow the NAEA’s tips for a smooth winter selling experience.

For any more information about making the most of selling your home this winter, email Karen Turner or call 0131 539 3333 for Edinburgh or 01334 475 151 for Fife property sales. 


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