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A revolution is taking place within the legal services profession that puts the client at the heart of everything and Pagan Osborne is leading the way.We’ve used all the experience of our 250 year history not to bang on about tradition, but to tailor our expertise and shape a service that is relevant to today. We still hold dear the values of quality and professionalism however these are not used to boost the status of our partners, but are embedded in services made accessible to everyone who needs them.

We first broke the mould in 1976 when we introduced property centres. We also embraced investment services before our competitors. Today we have a pioneering 360 lifestage review, which helps clients plan for their future and takes care of essential legal, financial and property matters in a pragmatic, level-headed way.

Then there is our convenient online payment system and our LifeSaver savings scheme, which gives everyone the opportunity to afford the best advice when they want to buy a home, start up a business or simply plan an extended sabbatical abroad.

And in today’s property market, now more than ever before, every house, every house buyer and every house seller is different. Only understanding each client and their specific needs, will get the results we all want.

Alistair Morris is Pagan Osborne’s chief executive. He says:

"Experience is a wonderful thing, but only if you can bring it to bear on modern dilemmas and current circumstances.

"It is for that reason that we constantly look to our clients and customers. We work hard to understand the choices and challenges they face and then adapt what we know to help.

"It is a simple truth that everyone at some point in their lives will need legal advice, either when they buy a home, want to provide for children or indeed secure an inheritance for grandchildren. 

"It may be when an elderly relative needs very specific care or when starting up or selling a business. Any one of these situations calls for legal support and we want to deliver a service that is accessible and offers up-to-date expertise that can be trusted.”

Accordingly, our door is always open. That’s why our new office at Clarendon House George Street features a client lounge and relaxed coffee area for more informal meetings and why we offer extended opening hours through our property offices. Or, if you’d prefer us to come to you, our advisors are happy to pop out to see you instead. 


Priorities can change throughout your life and Pagan Osborne can help you take control of tomorrow through a 360 lifestage review today. 

Completely free of charge, this allows you to plan for the future with a complete grip on the practicalities that have to be considered. For the individual, this can include anything from preparing for an extended trip overseas or buying a home, through to arranging Powers of Attorney for elderly relatives or looking ahead and putting the right care plan in place.

We also do the same for small businesses. The 360 Business Life Stage Review will help identify issues you may have overlooked and the steps  you could take to resolve any present problems. We could look at commercial leasing arrangements, tax liabilities and succession planning to keep your business moving in the right direction into the future.

Our aim has always been to build lifelong partnerships with our clients and become the natural first choice for legal, financial and property advice they know they can trust at every stage of life. Because the better we get to know you, the more we can help you.


And to help you prepare for the cost of those essential legal, financial and property services we’ve created our LifeSaver.  

It’s a very simple idea - put away a small amount each month so when you do come to need the very best advice for something such as buying a home, setting up business or making a Will, you’ll already have a pot of money ready to put towards it.

And, the longer you save, the greater the discount you will enjoy on our services. Starting from just £25 a month, LifeSaver also offers access to a dedicated advisor, complimentary annual reviews and exclusive benefits from other local businesses.


If you’re interested in getting expert advice on planning for the future - either yours and your family’s or that of your business - then get in touch for a free 360 LifeStage Review.

And for more advice on how to afford the best advice when making those important life decisions, ask us about LifeSaver.

Email us at or call 0131 226 4081 for Edinburgh, 01334 475 001 for Fife to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!



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